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Epsom Salts (MgSO4)
A Bloom Enhancer

Epsom Salts Epsom Salts Epsom Salts

Epsom salts is not a salt, it is a mineral compositon of Magnesium, Sulfate, and Oxygen (MgSO4). NEVER USE SALT (NaCL) on orchids. Epsom salt is used by many gardeners because it is a natural additive to fertilizers of plants. It is also said to help seeds germinate and repel slugs and other garden pests. Epsom salt can be used on various plants, including vegetables, fruits, and flowers, as well as orchids. Soil grown plants obtain sufficient quantities, for their nutrition, from the naturally occurring of Mg and S in the soil. Magnesium is an essential element in orchid nutrition, as it is critical to the flower-initiation process in orchids; However, because of the soilless nature of orchid media,
Mg is often deficient in orchids, and their fertilizers. In Europe, fertilizer formulas are often expressed as N-P-K-Mg, where Mg is considered a macroelement rather than a micronutrient.
The measuring spoons are in 1/4,1/2,1tsps, and 1Tbs for easy measurement for different mixture strengths, Generations of orchid growers have said it helps their plants grow
bushier, produce more, larger flowers which have better color.

4 Lb Jug $24.85

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