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Phalaenopsis Orchid Mix, CoCo Media

Chunk Fir Bark Mixture
Mix ingredients:
CoCoNut Chunks
Bark for Air Flow
Chunks of Charcoal
Sponge Rok opens media
Lava Rock better aeration around roots
Chunks of Rubber Mulch prolongs media life
Phalaenopsis Orchids, unlike most orchids, prefer a slightly moist media at all times. Phals have no water storage facility, such as psuedobulbs, to retain water. Phals inhabit, in the wild, a constantly moist environment. So, In straight bark mixes, higher watering frequency is necessary to maintain constant slight moisture at their roots. Phals do not like dry roots, their motto: "I dry, I die", so their media mixture should always contain some moisture retainers, while maintaining an open, airy media, hence coconut chunks. Drains well, while retaining adequate moisture for Phalaenopsis. CoCo Nut chunks retain water, while resisting material breakdown Reduce watering frequency, while retaining moisture at the roots.


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