Pot, 5 Gal Square, Black Plastic, With Matching Saucers.

textured pots

5 Gallon Square Pot, with matching Saucer  Excellent Drainage  Soil Uses  Reuseable for many years
The pot is 12 inches rim to rim edge, 11 3/4 inches across inside, 12" tall at corners, 11 3/4 inches deep inside The square shaped saucers has a textured exterior and patterned design.
Both manufactured from copolymeric polypropylene which is stabilized to handle the sun's UV rays, same as pots. Saucer is 8.25 inches square, with indented center
Single (1)$18.85
6 Pak (6)$76.85
1 Dozen (12) $129.85


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