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  Very handy bamboo stakes to help support orchids, other flowering plants, and produce plants in your garden. The green, coated shaft has small, molded nubs to help secure plants, ties or clips At 2 feet tall, these are perfect for smaller plants with delicate stems that need support These are a environmentally friendly replacement for your plastic and metal stakes A very sturdy and durable stake that can be used for years. The green tape stretchs with the plant, while providing support. The plastic stem clips prove a decorative touch, while providing secure stem support

2 (24") foot Green Bamboo Stakes, 25 stakes

green bamboo stake, with tape   green bamboo stake, with dragonfly clip green bamboo stake, with daisyclip   green bamboo stake, with ladybu clip

2(24") foot Green Bamboo Stakes,
with 150' green tape
2 foot Green Bamboo Stakes,
25 Dragonfly clips
    2 foot Green Bamboo Stakes,
      25 Medium Daisy clips
                  2 foot Green Bamboo Stakes,
                  6 Lady Bug Clips

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