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Wooden open slat side baskets are excellent containers for most orchids, ferns, and most epiphytic plants. Vanda alliance orchids are typically grown in these type of baskets. In high humidity environments, the Vanda roots are allowed to weave through the basket, and out the sides to hang pendant down, without any media in the basket, mimicing their native habitat. In low humidity environments, coconut chips mix or Vanda Mix can be placed in the baskets to provide some moisture retention. For other orchids and plants, a coconut liner will hold the potting media. WIRE HANGERS WILL BE BENT FOR SHIPPING

4 inch basket, with galvanized 20 inch 4 wire hanger, and label

4 inch basket, with hanger

4" baskets:
4 1/8" across, 2 5/8" tall , Inside: 2 5/8" across, 1 3/4" deep

Single Basket (1)   $11.95
6 Pak (6) Baskets  $54.95
Dozen(12) Baskets    $99.95

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