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Articles, Cultural Notes and References from our website have appeared in the following Orchid related publications:

Desert Valley Orchid Society    Phoenix, AZ.    Sarasota Orchid Society    Sarasota, FL
Aiken-Augusta Orchid Society    Augusta, GA     Blue Ridge Orchid Society of SC    South Carolina
Australian Orchid Review,    Australia     Melbourne Orchid Society   Melbourne, Australia
Orchids (American Orchid Society Magazine)  Las Cruces Orchid Society   Las Cruces, NM
Greater Lansing Orchid Society,    Michigan,   Central Jersey Orchid Society   Princeton, New Jersey.
Mid America Judging Newsletter

Below are some of the compliments by C.L.A.N. customers.

"pleasure doing business with you. peace" Gina M.


"I have nothing but praise for this seller. My purchase was promptly shipped and I received it within three days of ordering it. The packing of the plant was simply incredible! The individual vanilla vines were cushioned with fluff, carefully wrapped with moist newspaper and the wrapped again in a soft polyethylene pad. The plant arrived as though it had never made a multi-thousand mile trip." Grant G.

"The plant was of excellent condition and of better quality than I expected! Thank you" Lillie M.

"Arrived quickly and in good condition." Clairessa

Thank you for your first shipment to my mother....she was thrilled; the orchids are lovely and she is already reading the great book you included! I will be visiting her this coming weekend and look forward to seeing the orchids. Debbie

Hi Karen- Received my order yesterday. The plants arrived safely and are obviously healthy and well grown. Nice to see. Thanks. Happy growing to us all. Frank

hi, the plants arrived today in good condition. thanks much,bill

Karen: Last month you sent two orchids even though I only ordered one, together with a nice note, which followed a very fine phone conversation we had about growing orchids—your advice was to grow dendrobiums. I’m sorry I didn’t write earlier to thank you for those things, but I want now to add more thanks for the EFFECT the orchids have had for my ailing mother. (Recall she has brain cancer.) There is very little she will engage in now; she is apparently “checking out” as either she cannot function normally, or is coming to terms with her approaching death. The one thing she still engages with, however, is her orchids. She has approx 15, and a few are coming into bloom, including both the ones you sent. We especially have marveled at the Vanda(?) with the 4 ft long roots which we uncoiled and have hung down by her bed. We were surprised by the tiny blooms which have opened on one spray. Indeed, it does not like the air conditioning, but it will have to suffer its periods by my mother’s bedside while she enjoys it. I rotate two others on hangers in that spot, and give them a rest outdoors until my next visit. My sisters have even brought repotting materials to her bed, where they spread out a sheet and let her repot her orchids. This will probably be one of the last things she does. Please know that by one of those strange quirks of life (like the comic ones captured by Jerry Seinfeld), you have firmly touched my mother and made a difference for the good during her last weeks. Congratulations, and Thanks. Bob

Karen, All three Cattleyas look fine. I have not potted them up yet, but will do so soon. Thank You for the gaskelliana with that new growth coming--and thank you for charging the seedling price--it was not necessary, but much appreciated.Thanks again, Jeff

Karen, Thank you very much for taking the time to call me and to hand deliver the orchid plant to my cousin. I also liked being able to "walk" with you out to the greenhouse by phone to pick out a good plant! I really appreciate your personal touch. Thanks again! Susan

The plants arrived today, they are very nice. The blossoms were a suprise.ThankYou! Jeff

I received the plants today in good shape. They are nice, healthy-looking plants. Thank you for delaying shipment and for your concern over our hurricane damage. It will be years before the Keys are "back to normal". Best wishes, Bill

Hey Jerry, I received the plants last week and am very pleased with them! It is always a great experience doing business with you both. Thank you again!!! Geoff

I originally stumbled on to your site by looking up one of my own orchids. I was very impressed with not only your plant list, but the beautiful photos and the interesting species you have. My order was awesome. Thank You. Bea

Thank you so much for your quick response. I will place another order soon, and won't hesitate to purchase gifts and future orders from you in the future. I was using another company, however, your orchids came in healthier and more robust than theirs. Cora

It was a pleasure speaking to you the other day. The orchids arrived and are in good shape. Thank you John

The Phaius got here in good shape. Thanks for your prompt attention to my small order. Fred

Thank you so much for the information regarding my newly acquired "Mtdm.Hawaiian Sunset 'Yupin.'" Now I can take much better care of it! I appreciate your prompt and helpful response. Michelle

Plants received. They are really very nice. Thanks. Hugo

My two-plant Phal order just arrived and I just want to let you know that everything is in perfect condition - plants are healthy and happy and the packaging was superb. Once again, many thanks - will be ordering again soon- Kathleen

Thank you so very much. The information is just what I needed. Again thanks for your very prompt reply to my cry for help.Sincerly Dottie

They arrived yesterday…they look great! The leafless (all root) one is pretty trippy… The Vanda has a really well developed, long root system. Thanks for all the help. Mike

Thanks for the great service as always,this is one customer that appreciates your hard work and really nice stock. Kevin

Dear Karen, Order arrived in perfect condition and the orchids are great. Thanks loads. Barbara

Just wanted to say that my order of the chilochistas arrived today in great shape. Thanks! Jeff

Hi Karen, Just a note to let you know my two Oncidiums arrived today in very good shape. Already have given them a good watering and will then repot them. They both look very healthy.and seem to be in good shape. I will keep your name on file for future orders as I prefer ordering online - and keep me on your E-mail list of special offerings. Linda.

I received my 3 catasetum plants and they are looking fine. Thank you for holding them until warmer weather.Thank you for sending such nice plants! Paige

Just dropping line to let you know sites like this really help people appreciate orchids.You deserve credit for all the time envolved in your task. Barry

Hey Karen & Jerry, Just a note to let you know that the orchids and I made it back safe & healthy. No one unwrapped them, they had their own seat on the plane, and all is well. Thanks again for showing me your orchids -- FABULOUS!! I hope I have time to visit again on my future trips. Things looked great. Thank you for your help. Lonny

Thanks for the nice plant. It arrived in good shape. It looks alive and healthy. And I hope it likes its new home. Bill S

I received my first orchid on September 6. It arrived in excellent condition with two small buds. Another bud appeared soon afterwards. Mabel

I'd like to include some of your culture information as well as some pics in our newsletter for the Desert Valley Orchid Society here in Phoenix.

Thank You they are great. John

Karen, thank you for the wonderful plants you shipped us. They arrived in good condition and I repotted them. All the goodies are appreciated and most of them could make 2 easily out of each one.

Just want you to know that I received my order and the plants are beautiful. You did a good job and you've got a happy customer!!! Kathy

I received the orchids yesterday, and they're healthy and happy. Thank you so much for the personal and professional service-I will certainly be buying more orchids from you!!!!

Everything arrived in tip-top shape! Thank you very much. Karen

Dear Karen, Got the plants today in excellent condition-they look great! Thanks, Gladys

    I just wanted to let you know that I received my new orchids yesterday (very speedy!), and I was VERY pleased. They are more full-grown plants than I expected (always a nice surprise!), and all looked quite happy and healthy. I also wanted to let you know how terrific I think your system of communication is, from the initial sale notification e-mail to the e-mail telling me when the orchids were shipped. It's great to have your e-mail correspondance to keep me updated as to what to expect and when. Makes things much easier when I don't have to guess at what's going on. Overall, I've had such a pleasant experience working with you, that I will have to tell my friends and my local orchid society about Camp Lotta Noise (great name, too)! Thanks for all of your help every step of the way, and I look forward to doing business with you in the future! Best regards & happy growing! Susan

I wanted to tell you how professional looking your webpage is. It is very easy to manuver around and the pictures load quickly and are fantastic! I have bought from you in the past during shows in the TBA and also at a sale at your place and have been very happy with the quality of the orchids that I have purchased. Thank you.

Recieved shipment this morning in perfect condition. Plant looks very healthy. Looking forward to seeing it bloom. Thanks, John

The plants arrived yesterday - one day delivery! They're in fine shape. I couldn't send a note right away because once my teenager gets on the phone with his girlfriend... Thanks, Moira

I received your Tillansia Special a couple weeks ago and decided I just had to write and tell you how very impressed I was with not only the quality and health of your plants but the care in packaging. They're all thriving and putting out new leaves and a couple are starting to flower. I now have a severe case of Tilly fever. :)

Jerry My orchids have done so well since I followed your suggestions. We are having such a good time with them. Pretty soon it will be time to add something different.

Just want you to know that I received my order and the plants are beautiful. You did a good job and you've got a happy customer!!!

What a GREAT site you have! I can't tell you how many times I have visited and gotten all the information I needed for my growing problems (and joys), and a bit more! I could spend HOURS there, and, in fact DO! I am pretty new to this hobby/addiction and find there to be more information out there than my brain can take! I am trying to put together a binder with "everything you need to know about orchids" to help organize some of this information. I see you have given permission to use your cultural sheets, so I have copied them .....they are GREAT but I wondered if I may do the same with your Rots and Pests? They are written so clearly! Karen

Dear Staff @ Clanorchids:
Just a quick note to say thank you for the beautiful Cattleya you shipped to my mother's home in Puerto Rico. She is delighted with the healthy look and enourmous size of the plant, and fascinated with the fact that when you listed it as "blooming size" you really meant it. Her plant is getting ready to bloom pretty soon! Of all the things I sent her for her birthday, "her orchid" is the one she can't stop talking about. I can't wait to get her call telling me about the flowers! I'm impressed with your quick and professional service, and grateful for your willingness to ship across the ocean...your packaging was impeccable and the plant arrived in perfect shape. Karen's note confirming the order and referring to "(my) mother in Puerto Rico" was an appreciated personal touch. You are a great group of people and I'll make sure to let friends know what a pleasure it is to make business with you. You have made a daughter and her "mami" extremely happy. We'll certainly call again soon! Gratefully yours, Iraida P.S. "Mami" had repeatedly said that she didn't need or want a computer. Now that I told her how I ordered from you on-line, she's suddenly very interested in "that internet thing"... Not only you share your beautiful plants with the world, but you also contribute to small miracles. Thank you!

Your order arrived in excellent shape. I am just starting to build my orchid collection, and I am looking forward to ordering more plants from you.

I bought a Stanhopea oculata earlier this month, and wanted to thank you for a quality plant. In the future when purchasing orchids, I will keep you in mind.

I know this is really belated, but I wanted to let you know how much my friend enjoyed her orchid that I had you send. I came to you in February at your greenhouse. Just happened to catch you between errands and appreciated the time you took with me. My friend lives in Virginia and was to put it mildly thrilled to get her orchid. She has gone through a very hard time lately and getting that orchid lifted her spirits tremendously. She keeps it on her little patio in Virginia with the rest of her orchids. But, she says that that one makes all the others pale in comparison. Thanks again for your help. The one I purchased is doing well here. I am planning on putting all of them outside as soon as weather permits. Hope this will spur some blooms by the fall. If you have any suggestions along this line, if you have time HAHA , please let me know. Bye for now, Peggi

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