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   For each visitor to our Website, the server will not recognize, or store, any information regarding the domain or e-mail addresses of our visitors or customers. The Shopping Cart system uses "cookies" for on temporary storage and order tracking, but all records expire when visitor completes order or leaves the site. Only those visitors, who provide such information or subscribe to the various Email offerings will receive any subsequent Email from us. Each subscriber controls their own subscription activity. No information regarding our Orchid friends will be sold, traded, or loaned to anyone. Our Orderform and Shopping Cart are both secure (128 bit SSL encrypt) and all aspects of our website dealing in financial information is secure.

Terms of Sale (Please Read)

   Retail Volume Discounts for orchid orders of $300.00 or more:
Retail orchid orders of $300.00 or more receive an instant 10% discount. Discount coupons for subsequent purchases and appreciation gifts are enclosed with each shipment.


   Your state requires a permit issued by the Hawaiian Department of Agriculture for all orchids shipped to any of the Hawaiian Islands. In addition, the shipment must be made to the agricultural inspection station for your location, so we must have that address. A phytosanitary certificate, issued by Florida, must also accompany the shipment. Sorry, but we must charge $75.00 for the required state documentation.


   No permit is required. We do need to have a phytosanitary certificate, issued by Florida, must also accompany the shipment. Sorry, but we must charge $75.00 for the required certificate.


   Firms that wish to buy plants for resale are invited to inquire about our discounted prices on firm stationery. Kindly forward your State License number with any such request. Postage at cost. Per Box Charge of $7.50. Credit applications will be sent upon request.


   Because of our low prices, we can only honor one discount code, per order. Please use the highest discount code, during checkout, to receive the best price.


   Orchid and Orchid Supplies orders of $400 or more from Orchid societies receive a 25% discount. We welcome society group orders. Please do not request separate packaging or multiple payment sources. Please contact us for orders for your society auctions, raffles, and sales also. We have very competitive prices on quantity budded plants for auctions and/or raffles. Please make your requests or orders on society letterhead.
   We welcome orchid society group visits to our nursery. Group visits of 12 or more society members will receive a group discount for purchases at the greenhouse.
   Each year we are happy to contribute gift certificates to societies, whose members are on our mailing lists. These should also be requested on society letterhead.


   NO MINIMUM ORDER , ORDER WITH COMPLETE CONFIDENCE! SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED WITH EVERY PURCHASE. Any item that does not please you may be returned for purchase price credit within 10 days. We cannot guarantee condition or reaction of plants after 10 days in your care. Returned plants may be subject to 20% restocking charges. Postal Charges are not refundable. Our plants are State inspected to be free of any pests and diseases. Camp Lot A Noise Tropicals makes no warranty, expressed or implied as to the productivity of any plants sold. All plants are labeled to the best of our knowledge. At times some species can be in limited supply, so alternate choices would be greatly appreciated. You may order through our secure shopping cart, or through our secure on website Orderform, or You may print out a order blank from the order blank page. If needed, additional pages can be printed out in the same manner. These pages may be faxed or mailed to us when you order, or be used for jotting down items as you surf our listings.


   Unless specified by you, Camp Lot A Noise Tropicals will ship via US Postal Service Priority Mail. If you authorize the additional fees, we will gladly ship by Fed Ex Overnight, or Fed Ex Ground. We try to ship year around. Winter weather may delay shipping your order for weeks or in rare cases, months. We reserve the right to delay shipment if temperature extremes enroute may endanger your shipment. Please include shipping costs with your order: Orders of $50.99 or less please add $9.50 for shipping and handling. On orders of $51.00 or more add 18% of order cost to cover shipping and handling costs. (Note: orders of heavier supply items will require at least 22% for shipping and handling!). We recycle good, sturdy shipping boxes. The outside labelling does not denote the contents.


   WE ACCEPT AMEX, VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVER credit cards, as well as PayPal, and money orders. Please remember to add the shipping and handling costs to items ordered. Florida residents, please add 7.0% sales tax. Established credit customers may charge orders. Open accounts are net 30 days. Past due accounts are subject to a finance charge of 1½% per month or 18% per annum. The service fee for returned (bounced!) checks is $25.00.


   Due to excessive regulations, risks, and costs we can no longer export orders. We do not ship international. A special health certificate is required for each shipment to Hawaii at a fee of $75.00, plus a copy of your State import Permit


   We take the greatest possible care in packing your order, however: If a leaf is broken or partially damaged, cut off the damaged part with a sterile razor blade, and treat the cut with a fungicide . If a pot is broken, remove the brokenpot and place the plant and medium in a replacement pot of thesame size. If severe handling damage is involved, please keep all packing materials and the plants. We may require the return of damaged items if a refund is to be made. Delayed shipments , during colder months, may result in damaged plants, but most will recover with tender care.

   We are confident that our interest and care in processing your order, combined with your integrity and understanding, will continue to result in very minimal occasions of returns and claims.


   The website listings, and printed catalog listings, supersedes and cancels all previous offers and listings. All items offered herein are subject to prior sale of available stock, and offers may be withdrawn without prior notice. Prices of items in this listing are subject to change without prior notice. We make every attempt to ensure that plants are labeled correctly, but in any event our liability is limited to the purchase price of the plant involved. Orders are processed as payment is received and are shipped in a timely manner, unless weather prevents safe delivery.

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