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Issue# Vol 6 - 1 March 2010
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Camp Lot A Noise Tropicals wish you, and yours, a Happy and Prosperous New Year!
We hope your holidays were safe and enjoyable. We also hope you and your orchids had a healthy and happy 2009. Thank You all for your patronage and loyalty during 2009. You all helped make it another successful year!
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         Cultural Tip of the Month
       Winter Baddies       
Short days, dull, overcast days, and cool temperatures during the winter, all add up to great conditions for the"baddies of winter" (rots, fungus, bacteria and molds) to thrive. Fungus and bacterial rots attack your orchids, primarily through their roots, leaves, and open wounds. The moist conditions,of spring, will accelerate the spread of fungus, molds, and rots. If you must water your orchids, do so lightly. After watering raise the temperature in the growing area, to dry the plants quickly. Increasing ventilation will speed the drying process. Try to avoid splashing water from one plant to another, as fungal spores and bacteria can be spread through the splashing water.

Always have a good fungicide/bactericide readily available. Dithane M45, Captan, Thiomyl, Physan20 are excellent choices. Dithane M45, Captan, and Thiomyl are water souble powders, which can be spreaded on infected plants. They also can be made into a paste to seal cut areas, or wounds on the leaves. Physan20 is a liquid. Physan20 is an outstanding fungicide/bactericide/viricide, which can be mixed into your watering regime to kill fungus, bacteria, and to prevent molds and algae from forming. Watch your plants carefully this time of year. If fungus, rots, or molds are noted. Act quickly, and aggressively, so you limit the spread of any "winter baddies". Vigilance, careful watering, good ventilation will carry you and your orchids through the winter months happy and healthy. More in depth discussion of "rots" can be found here

Have a Great Spring!!!

Karen, Jerry and The CLAN Gang
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