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Volume 7 - Issue 3 Fall 2011
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The Phalaenopsis genus is spotlighted this issue. Please click on the link to the left to read about them.

Seedling and Meristems, What do they mean? See the link to the left for a brief discussion.

The "baddie" of this issue is spider mites. Low humidity (dry air) helps these "baddies" damage many collections. The link is to the left. A quick synopsis, with controls, in Orchid Blurb below.



Orchid Info Blurb


Worst of the summer, and warm, dry winter greenhouse pest. Fine grey stippling on bottom of the leaves, with fine silvery webs on the underside too, indicates the spider mites have been feasting on the orchids. The false spider mites feast both on top and bottom, leaving sunken pits, which turn brown and corklike. To verify an infestation look for the webs. A magnifying lens , or pocket microscope will allow you to see them. Most common is the red or two-spotted mite.More Info on Spider Mites and False Spider Mites.


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