The genus Bulbophyllum is one of my favorite of all the orchid family.  The diversity in the color, shape, and size of this genus is remarkable.  Bulbophyllum medusae is one of the most elegant of the Bulbos.  This species was brought into cultivation by Messrs Loddiges and was described by the great John Lindley.  The description was published in the Botanical Register in 1842.  This species is quite widespred in Southeast Asia.  It is found growing in Thailand, Philippines, Borneo, and Sumatra.  The flowers are generally all white, but there are several clones that have minute purple speckles.  It almost looks like someone sprinkled pepper on the flowers.
  This species, like most of the Bulbos, require low light levels.  If you grow them with your Phals you will

  grow them just fine.  Bulb. Medusae, is best if grown in a basket or on a cork mount with a pad of sphagnum.  The reason for this is the rhizome does have a creeping

Habit, but also they do best if they are left alone and not disturbed by repotting.  With the low light and lots of water, only allow it to dry out briefly between waterings, these plants can produce specimen size plants in a relatively short period of time.  Once they get larger, you can expect flowers by the bunches.   One clone 'Miami' received a JC from the AOS and had 5500 flowers on 110 bloom spikes!
Medusae has been used in two different hybrids that have been registered to date.  Both hybrids, Thai Spider and Lion King, were registered by Suphachadiwong in Thailand.  They were both registered in 1995.  Both are elegant hybrids that resemble the medusae parent the most.  One is yellow and the other is red and yellowish.  This is a very rewarding species to grow.

Bulbophyllum medusae


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