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    In the world of flowering plants, the orchid family is the largest group. Numbering over 28,000 named species, orchids were once the hobby of the mega rich. With advancing technology, now everyone can enjoy the world wide popularity of Orchid growing. The incredible beauty and diversity of form and culture, captivate men and women of every walk of life.

    Each month, Camp Lot A Noise Tropicals receives a number of orchid-related questions. We try to answer all the question, based on our 40 years of Orchid growing. Sometimes, the answer eludes us. Then we call on our Orchid friends at Marie Selby Gardens. A botanical gardens, specializing in Orchids and other epiphytic plants. Helping Orchid enthusiasts enjoy the hobby is one of the goals of Camp Lot A Noise Tropicals. To that end, we have gathered frequently asked questions here in these pages. It may have already been asked, if so your answer will be immediately available.

General FAQs | Cultural FAQs | Cultural Notes by Genus | Glossary of Orchid Terms  | Table of Orchid Genera

If not, please drop us an email with your question, at We will try to find you an answer, which will be returned ASAP via email. Then your question and answer will be added to our ever growing FAQ database to help other enthusiasts.

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