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The Orchid genera table, combined with the Illustrated Orchid Compendium© , is an continual project of 
Camp Lot A Noise Tropicals (CLAN).  The Orchid Genera table, which follows on five pages, was extracted from 
several sources. The primary source was The Handbook on Orchid Nomenclature and Registration (Handbook),  
 fourth edition 1993. The 5 year addendum to Sander's List of Orchid Hybrids, 1990-1995, was also used. 
This addendum lists all Orchid Hybrids registered through December 31, 1995.  In addition, new Orchid hybrids 
as reported in Orchids, the AOS publication, is used  to update the table. The list is updated through
October, 1998. Newly described genera are added when found in the literature. There is no guarantee this table
 is all inclusive. It is placed here purely for your enjoyment. The Genera Table will be re linked with our 
Illustrated Orchid Compendium (IOC)©, soon.  The IOC is presently undergoing updating .

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NOTE: The correct way to write an orchid name is Genus; Species or Hybrid; `Cultivar' (in single quotes), Award. Example (species) : Cleisostoma fuerstenbergianum 'Karen Marie', CHM/AOS or (hybrid): Brassolaeliocattleya (Blc) Cherry Suisse 'Bountiful', AM/AOS

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