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     Camp Lot A Noise Tropicals (C.L.A.N), Sarasota, Florida, is on the SW Gulf coast of Florida. The Gulf of Mexico provides cool breezes and moderate temperatures year around. C.L.A.N. is owned by Jerry and Karen Sellers, their 7 children, eight grandkids, plus 6 goats, 2 boxers, 2 cats, and tropical birds and fish. In 1990, C.L.A.N began as a commerical hobby, but Jerry began growing orchids in 1972, and Karen began in 1982. C.L.A.N. specializes in growing species orchids, but has a large stock of orchid hybrids. C.L.A.N. has seven greenhouses, allowing C.L.A.N. to tailor individual greenhouse's conditions to specific levels. By using overhead hanging facilities, wall racks and raised benches, C.L.A.N. is able to utilize over 30,000 cubic feet of growing space on a small part of the acreage occupied by C.L.A.N. An Orchid flasking lab is also part of the operation.

     Visitors are always welcome at Camp Lot A Noise Tropicals, but no regular hours are kept. Jerry is retired from active employment, an Accredited AOS judge, and a 30 year Orchid lecturer and volunteer at Selby Gdns. Karen has finished raising the CLAN brood, and now enjoys playing with the grand kids and traveling. Karen is now a cancer survivor. So on occasions, C.L.A.N. is on the road to orchid shows, to visit orchid nurseries, giving speeches, doctors' visits, or traveling to see and photographing orchids in their native habitats around the world. So an appointment will insure someone will be there to show you around and talk orchids with you. Heck, you can even ride the goats, if you can catch them.

4084 47th Street, Sarasota, Florida 34235

Chat: (941) 351-2483 Fax: (941) 351-2483

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