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Who, What, and Where

    For 40 years, a commercial grower of orchids and other tropical plants, CAMP LOT A NOISE TROPICALS, AKA, C.L.A.N. (Orchids R Us, Inc), had been a self producer, and retailer, of nursery grown Orchid species, as well as our own in house registered hybrids. Incremental growth eventually made Orchids R Us the largest producer of species orchids on the SW Gulf Coast. Orchids from our lab are growing in all fifty states, and territories of the United States of America. A number of botanical gardens, around the US of A, also have Orchids from our production facilities. But time, age, and incessant governmental red tape took it's toll, so in 2018, the last of seven greenhouses, formerly filled with Orchids, came down.

    During the last 40 years, we found what works best, and what does not, for plants of all types. So Orchids R Us pivoted into a Orchid supply store and Orchid cultural information center. So we only stock and sell specific supplies, which we used, and worked, in our old greenhouses. In addition, we happily provided cultural advice, gathered through the years, as a grower of Orchids and an American Orchid Society Judge.

    So on occasions, C.L.A.N. is on the road to orchid shows, to visit orchid nurseries, giving speeches, doctors' visits, or traveling to see and photographing orchids in their native habitats around the world. Covid derailed the international travelling, but not the desire.

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