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Bundle of Phalanopsis Media and Urea Free Fertilizers

Fertilizers, Urea Free with Phal media
Water Soluble
Bloom, Urea Free
NPK 11-35-15
1 LB Bag
Grow, Urea Free
NPK 20-14-13,
1 LB Bag
Re Sealable Bags

Phalaenopsis Orchids, unlike most orchids, prefer a slightly moist media at all times.Phals have no water storage facility, such as psuedobulbs. In the wild, Phals inhabit a constantly moist environment.So, In straight bark mixes, higher watering frequency is necessary to maintain constant slight moisture at their roots. Phals do not like dry roots, So their motto:"I dry, I die", so their media mixture should always contain some moisture retention capability. Drains well, while retaining adequate moisture for Phalaenopsis.Reduces watering frequency, while retaining moisture at the roots. A fertile mixture of chunk peat blended with fir bark, hardwood charcoal and coarse perlite.

Orchid Grow contains higher levels of non urea Nitrate (10.59%) and Ammoniacal Nitrogen (9.41%) to enhance vigorous plant growth.Orchid Bloom is professionally formulated Orchid Food that contains higher levels of Phosphate (35%) to enhance blooming, and Potash (15%) to promote stem strength. Both formulations are Urea Free, and contain essential minor elements to combate deficencies that often occur with non soil based mixes.

Phalaenopsis Orchid Media (8 Qts), Orchid Bloom (11-35-15 (1Lb), and Orchid Growth (20-14-13 (1 Lb) Bundle
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