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Dendrobium Orchid Media

Dendrobium Orchid Media and Urea Free Fertilizer

Dendrobium Orchid Potting Mix is a blend of western fir bark,hardwood charcoal, course perlite, and lava rock developed to meet the specific needs of the dendrobium orchid. Dendrobiums are epiphytic (air plants), which like to be potbound, but allowed to dry between waterings.

Orchid Grow contains higher levels of non urea Nitrate (10.59%) and Ammoniacal Nitrogen (9.41%) to enhance vigorous plant growth.Orchid Bloom is professionally formulated Orchid Food that contains higher levels of Phosphate (35%) to enhance blooming, and Potash (15%) to promote stem strength. Both formulations are Urea Free, and contain essential minor elements to combat deficencies that often occur with non soil based mixes.


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