With over 2200 valid species, Bulbophyllum is the largest member of the Orchid family. Commonly called Bulbos, this genus has worldwide distribution. Primarily found in the tropics, but there some Bulbos inhabiting the temperate zones of each continent, except Antartica. Being a genus with such wide distribution, it virtually impossible to provide anything but generic information for culture of the entire genus. The bulk of Bulbophyllum species are epiphytes (attached to other plants), but some are lithophytes (growing on rocks). Bulbophyllum species with closely growing pseudobulbs are usually shallow rooted, so can be grown in flat, shallow pots, with a free draining media, which holds some moisture. The Bulbophyllum species, with widely spaced pseudobulbs, are best grown in shallow hanging baskets or mounted on slabs of cork or tree fern, but must be kept moist most of the year, especially during the growth period. The entire genus enjoy high humidity, moderate warmth (C-W), regular feedings, and bright shade.

   Botanists and taxonomists have struggled for 200 years, to break Bulbophyllum into smaller, more manageable, sections. To date, there are over 60 published sections, some of which have been raised to genus level, by some botanists and taxonomists; However, there has not been a universal acceptance of many, and outright rejection of some, so until such time as a complete revision of this genus is done, alternative generic and species names will be included as synonymy, along with invalid names.

   Specific cultural information and photos, for some species, can be found by following the links below, which are arranged by species. There are over 2200 species listed on the links below. This is a work in progress. As new Bulbos and synonymys are found, they will be added. The initial research for these pages was conducted by our son, Fred Williams.

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