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Maxillaria (max-il-LAR-ee-a)
Miltonia (mil-TONE-ee-a)
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Acampe papillosa 54S  $24.95
Aer. lawrenceae X Ascda. Blue Boy ll75H  $15.95
Aerides flabellata 70  $24.95
Aerides houlletiana 947  $24.95
Aerides lawrenciae 904S  $25.95
Aerides odoratum 557S  $26.95
Aerides quinquevulnera 239  $26.95
African Orchids Isobyl and Eric La Croix  $34.95
All About Growing Orchids Ortho Books AAGO  $11.95
Angraecum eburneum 668  $34.95
Annual Orchid of the Month Club  $279.95
Arachnis flos-aeris  $20.95
Ascda. (Fuchs Golden Shiner x Yip Sum Wah) CH2868  $29.95
Ascda. (Jenny Donald inch Yellow Bird inch x Yip Sum Wah) CH2548  $9.95
Ascda. (Kultana Gold Spot x Arant Gold)  $22.95
Ascda. (Sumon Gold X Pharoh's Gold)  $24.95
Ascda. (Tubtim Velvet X Kimigayo)  $27.95
Ascda. (Wanpen x Meda Arnold "Red Scarlet") CH2649  $24.95
Ascda. (Yip Sum Wah X Capt. Chor)  $21.95
Ascda. (Yip Sum Wah X Duang Porn)  $21.95
Ascda. Araya x V. Chao Praya Sapphire 1192H  $19.95
Ascda. Chaiyot x Ascda. Fuchs 1184H  $16.95
Ascda. Dechjun 1151H  $19.95
Ascda. Dong Tarn 'NCN' (M) 9978HW  $30.95
Ascda. Duang Porn X Vanda lamellata (very large plants) 1149H  $29.95
Ascda. Duang Porn x Vas Prapin 1191H  $18.95
Ascda. Fiftieth State Beauty 33H  $26.95
Ascda. Fuch's Ruby ll58H  $18.95
Ascda. Gua Chia Long x V. ( Gordon Dillon X Keeree) 1190H  $19.95
Ascda. Gua Chia Long x V. Chao Praya Sapphire 1194H  $19.95
Ascda. Jennifer Chun X Mem. Nellie Mabe AM/AOS x Prra. Luke Thai CH3008  $9.95
Ascda. Meda Arnold "Red Scarlet"  $24.95
Ascda. Meda Arnold 'Vipa' ll61H  $22.95
Ascda. Medasand X Vanda (Pompimol x Gordon Dillon) 1188H  $19.95
Ascda. Mem. Too Chongting ll65H  $18.95
Ascda. Merrill Sum Wah 1196H  $16.95
Ascda. Princess Mikasa 'Blue'  $24.95
Ascda. Princess Mikasa 'Pink' 410HA  $9.95
Ascda. Princess Mikasa x Ascda. Peggy Foo 4n  $25.95
Ascda. Suksamran Beauty 'NCN' 1195H  $34.95
Ascda. Suksamran Sunlight  $24.95
Ascda. Tubtim Velvet X V. Bangsai Queen  $25.95
Ascda. Yeo Geck Bee 1471HB  $34.95
Ascda. Yip Sum Wah x V. Chao Praya Sapphire 1187H  $16.95
Ascda. [(Thanabarg X Mdm. Kenny) X Guo Chai Long]  $22.95
Ascocentrum ampullaceum 'New Orange'  $29.95
Ascocentrum ampullaceum 'Thai Pinky'  $24.95
Ascocentrum ampullaceum 'Thai Raspberry'  $24.95
Ascocentrum ampullaceum 'Thai Snow' 53d  $24.95
Ascocentrum ampullaceum 53  $20.95
Ascocentrum curvifolium 96S  $24.95
Ascocentrum micranthum 87  $18.95
Ascocentrum miniatum 'Kai Gold' [meristem]  $24.95
Ascocentrum miniatum 92  $22.95
Asconopsis Irene Dobkins 1422H  $19.95
B. nodosa X C. Jungle Whimsey 1459H  $24.95
Bc. (Mt Hood'Mary' AM/AOS x Mt. Anderson 'Alma'AM/AOS)  $19.95
Bc. Lynn Cook 288H  $24.95
Bc. Roman Holiday  $22.95
Beginner's Bouquet  $129.95
Bl Richard Mueller 1397H  $19.95
Blc Chia Lin 'PCT' FCC/OSROC  $12.95
Blc. (Blc.Fortune x Lc. Gaiety "Flambeau ") x C. Penny Kuroda ' Spots' AM/AOS CH3108 "  $29.95
Blc. Alma Kee "Tipmala " AM/AOS 311H  $35.95
Blc. Cornerstone ' Carmela' AM/AOS  $35.95
Blc. Destiny ' Green Daze ' x Bc. Holfordii CH2570  $19.95
Blc. Dinh Thuy Yen 'Carmela Orchids' AM/AOS CHS174  $35.95
Blc. Fortune x Lc. Gaiety "Flambeau " x C. Penny Kuroda 'Spots' AM/AOS CH3108 "  $16.95
Blc. Good News ' Hawaii ' AM/AOS  $35.95
Blc. Honolulu Sunset 'Wakiki' x Lc. Mini Purple 'Lea' CH3082  $9.95
Blc. Honolulu Sunset 'Wakiki' x lc. Mini Purple 'Lea' CH3082  $16.95
Blc. Lucky Strike x Blc. Oconee 'Mendenhall' AM/AOS CH3114  $16.95
Blc. Lucky Strike x Blc. Oconee 'Mendenhall' AM/AOS CH3114  $9.95
Blc. Mem. Susan Hawkins x Sc. Beaufort 'Elmwood' AM/AOS CH3150  $9.95
Blc. Mem. Susan Hawkins x Sc. Beaufort 'Elmwood' AM/AOS CH3150  $16.95
Blc. Myrtle Beach 'Krull Smith ' HCC/AOS x Blc. Oconee 'Mendhall' AM/AOS CH3027  $19.95
Blc. Oconee 'Mendenhall' AM/AOS x Blc. Ronald Hausermann CH2791  $19.95
Blc. Oconee 'Mendenhall' AM/AOS x Pot. Free Spirit CH3155  $16.95
Blc. Oconee 'Mendenhall' AM/AOS x Pot. Free Spirit CH3155  $19.95
Blc. Orange Nugget 'Kodoaka' x Pot. Free Spirit ' Lea ' AM/AOS CH2954  $16.95
Blc. Pennsylvania Spring 'Orchidglade' x Blc. Kelly Williams (CH2571)  $16.95
Blc. Pennsylvania Spring 'Orchidglade' x Blc. Kelly Williams (CH2571)  $19.95
Blc. William Stewart 'Ponkan' AM/AOS x Lc. Mini Purple 'Lea' AM/AOS CH3023  $19.95
Blc. William Stewart 'Ponkan' AM/AOS x Lc. Mini Purple 'Lea' AM/AOS CH3023  $16.95
Blc. Yen Surprise x C. Penny Kuroda 'Spots' HCC/AOS CH2973  $19.95
Blc. Yen Surprise x[Blc. Acapana x Blc. Greenwich] CH2860  $19.95
Blc. Yen Surprise x[Blc. Acapana x Blc. Greenwich] CH2860  $16.95
Blc.( Acapana x Greenwich) x Blc. Caroline Cameron CH2569  $19.95
Blc.(William Stewart ' Ponkan ' AM/AOS x Makaha Gold ' Carmela ' s Orchids ' ) CH3026  $16.95
Blc.(William Stewart ' Ponkan ' AM/AOS x Makaha Gold ' Carmela ' s Orchids ' ) CH3026  $19.95
Botanica's Orchids  $22.95
Brapasia Bill Cook  $25.95


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