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  #ORP Orchid Potting Supplies Kit
Our kit contains: orchid potting media, 5 4in, 4 5in and 3 6in pots, wood and plastic 4in baskets with hangers, pot clips, ring stands, 20-10-20 soluble and 15-9-12 Osmocote slow release fertilizer, Superthrive and sphagnum. Enough media to pot 12 or more orchids, for only $36.95

# EMK Epiphyte Mounting Supplies Kit
For mounting small to medium sized Tillandsias, small bromeliads, orchids, ferns and other epiphytes. Contains enough materials to individually mount 12 or more epiphytic plants, including: Natural Cork Bark, Cedar and Buttonwood Driftwood, Tree fern Totem, Gatorwood, Desert Flower, 9 Gauge Galvanized Hanger Wire, 17 Gauge Galvanized Mounting/Hanger Wire, 17 Gauge Aluminum Mounting Wire, ‘Telephone’ Wire for small plants, Liquid Nails adhesive and soluble 20-10-20 plant food. A great value at only $49.95.

#BPK BromeliadPotting Kit
Contains: bromeliad potting media, 6 4in, 5 5in and 4 6in pots, 20-10-20 soluble and 14-14-14 Osmocote slow release fertilizer and Superthrive. Everything you need to pot 12 or more bromeliads, for just $28.95

#SPK Succulent Potting Supplies Kit
Our kit contains: succulent potting media, 8 3in regular, 5 5in, 3 6in and 1 8in bulb pan pots, 20-10-20 soluble and 14-14-14 Osmocote slow release fertilizer and Superthrive. Enough supplies to pot 15 or more cacti or succulents for just $27.95

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